Who are we?

The CC COVID-19 Reporting Project is a project by The Catalyst, the student newspaper at Colorado College, giving a twice-weekly look at CC and other higher education institutions during COVID-19. This project focuses on the ways COVID-19 is affecting CC by providing original reporting, interviews with campus leaders, and a CC-specific analysis of national news. Learn more about our project team here

What’s our mission?

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of higher education under the current struggles with COVID-19. Our mission is to work as a public service to break through some of that uncertainty with original reporting, and by collecting and curating information to keep the broader CC community informed and connected. 

How do we decide what to cover?

We monitor national, state, local, and CC-specific news for topics involving the intersection between COVID-19 and higher education and try to pick what will be most relevant to our audience. We also accept news tips through email, social media, and surveys. If you have a news tip you want to share, email ccreportingproject@gmail.com

How do we fact-check our newsletters?

We strive for accuracy in every newsletter we write, and our fact-checking process helps us catch any potential errors before we hit publish. The night before a newsletter comes out, the COVID-19 Reporting Project correspondents spend about an hour on the phone fact-checking. One of us reads the newsletter out loud, and every time there is a statement of fact in our writing, we pause reading to go confirm that fact. We do this for every single sentence in the newsletter. This process includes double-checking that all names are spelled correctly, every person is referred to by their proper title or year in school, all numbers are accurate, and making sure every piece of information that we cite is backed up by evidence, such as an email or announcement from the school. We check to see that all links work, and we play every quote out loud to make sure we’re quoting everyone accurately. Going forward, we will start to verify that all information given to us by sources is accurate as well. The bottom line: if we make a mistake, notify us at ccreportingproject@gmail.com, and we will investigate the matter further. We will always own up to any inaccurate information we report, and issue a correction in a timely manner.

How do we handle corrections?

We strive for accuracy in every newsletter. However, mistakes sometimes happen. And when they do, we will take responsibility for them. We will correct them online as soon as possible and add a correction to the online version of the issue.

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Lorea Zabaleta

Sophomore journalism minor at Colorado College and active life writer for The Catalyst. Twitter: @LoreaZabaleta

Isabel Hicks

Junior journalism minor at Colorado College and co-editor-in-chief of The Catalyst. Twitter: @isabelrhicks